Products & Services

Concretec’s team of highly qualified engineering staff in precast and prestressed construction provide Value Engineering, Structural Design and Technical Supports in Precast Concrete Structures Design and Detailing offering the following range of products and services:

01 Architectural Precast Concrete Cladding (White/ Colored/ Grey Concrete) Plain Finish or Exposed Aggregates (Limestone/ Marble Chips) Finish,
2 Precast Concrete Slabs; Prestressed Hollow Core slabs, Prestressed Double T Slabs/ Single T Slabs, Flat Solid Slabs, Flat Pre-slabs, Ribbed Slabs, and Poly Slabs,
3 Prestressed Concrete Beams; Prestressed Girders, I-Beam Straight Section, and I-Beam Sloping Section, Reinforced Concrete Long Span Girders (Rafters),
4 Precast Concrete Columns, Column Necks, Foundations, Load Bearing Walls, Non-Load Bearing Walls, Partition Walls, Claddings, Parapets, and Stair Units,
5 Colored/ Grey Precast Concrete Boundary Walls,
6 Hollow Core Boundary Walls,
7 Precast Concrete Water Tanks, Septic Tanks and Soakaways
8 Precast Concrete Manholes, Trenches, and DEWA Troughs
9 GFRC/ GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Arches, Balustrades, Railings, Bases, Pedestals, Brackets, Claddings, Column crowns and caps, cornices, Cupolas, Domes, Door Canopies, Gazebos, Grates, screens, Planters, Urns, etc,
10 EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Products;
  • PLASTBAU (Polystyrene) Metal Slabs For Concrete Floors and Roofs
  • PLASTBAU (Polystyrene) Tilt-Up Walls
  • EPS Blocks
  • EPS Sheets
11 Any Type of Structural and/or Architectural Concrete Element that lends itself to the possibility of pre-casting