Quality & HSE Policy


Concrete Technology L.L.C is committed to be the leader in construction field and is dedicated to ensure that its products and services will exceedcustomer needs and expectation.
Concrete Technology’s Quality Management System is designed in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and conforming to LEED requirements to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.
Concrete Technology’s quality policy is based on the following ethics:

  • Ensuring identification and fast response to the customer needs.
  • Continually improve its business processes to satisfy customer needs and expectations.
  • Focusing on defect prevention by adopting the latest cutting edge technologies, quality improvement tools and construction methodologies in order to continually improve the efficiency of the process to provide value-added services that bring distinction to its users
  • Instill the quality awareness among the staff by the means of Training & Establishing effective communication among the organization to their assigned tasks.

Concrete Technology L.L.C will constantly review and improve its services to ensure tasks are completed in the most effective and timely manners to the benefit of all its customers
Concrete Technology L.L.C shall ensure that all the employees within the company understand and fully implement the company’s policies, procedures, and objectives and are able to perform their tasks effectively through continuous training and development program.

Concrete Technology L.L.C.
Adel Al Samady
General Manager


Concrete Technology L.L.C. is committed to be the leader in Health and Safety by achieving Healthy and injury-free work place, and affirm the following:

  • Concrete Technology holds Health and Safety as highest value.
  • Health and Safety Environment is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Successful management put safety as the first priority of work.
  • We should have an efficient control over all hazards and reduce the risk to all personnel to zero accident level.
  • All employees should understand the value of active and healthy practice.
  • Health and safety metrics are key indicators of organizational excellence.

We must consider health and safety in every decision we make and in every activity we perform.

Concrete Technology L.L.C.
Adel Al Samady
General Manager