Hollow Core Slabs

Concretec’s Hollow Core slabs are produced in a standard width of 1200mm. Our innovative techniques provide our clients with their fit requirements. Our production factory offers all ranges and thickness of Hollow Core Slabs.

Advantages of Concretec’s Hollow Core Slab:

tick Concretec Hollow Core slabs provide an economical and efficient floor/roof system for various reasons:

  • Hollow Core slabs weigh up to 50%less than traditional in-site concrete slabs of the same size, resulting in considerable savings in construction costs
  • The reduction in weight will results in a lighter structural framing leading to savings in Construction cost.
  • Our industrial production lines employ Just In-Time manufacturing system resulting in less –on- site congestion and reduce financing cost.
  • Concretec Hollow Core slabs will help achieving a shorter and faster construction durations in all weather conditions, which are in turn, are reflected as savings.
  • Concretec Hollow Core slab bottom surface is smooth which means that paint can be applied directly to it and it is maintenance free

tick Concretec Hollow Core slabs provide the efficiency of prestressed member for load capacity, span range and deflection control.
tick Concretec Hollow Core slabs reduce sound transmission and vibrations
tick Concretec Hollow Core slabs meet the highest requirements for non-flammable and excellent fire rating.
tick Concretec Hollow Core slab voids provide raceways for electrical, heating or other MEP service pipes.
tick Concretec Hollow Core slabs are manufactured in a closed environment using the highest levels of technology to ensure a high quality product.