Precast & Prestressed Concrete Elements

Concretec’s teams of highly qualified engineering staff provide Value Engineering, Structural Design, Shop Drawings and Technical Support in all aspects of Concrete Structures Design & Detailing. Our services range to any type of structural and/or architectural concrete elements, which defines itself to the possibility of precasting.

Structural Building Systems:

    • Foundations
    • Column Necks
    • Columns
    • Beams
    • Slabs
    • Prestressed solid slabs
    • Prestressed solid slabs Load Bearing Walls
    • Partition Walls
    • External Cladding
    • Stair Elements

Architectural Precast Concrete Cladding

    • White Concrete
    • Colored Concrete
    • Grey Concrete
    • Plain Finish
    • Exposed Aggregate Finish (Limestone/Marble Chips)

Precast & Prestressed Concrete Slabs

    • Prestressed Hollowcore slabs
    • Prestressed double T slabs/ single T slabs
    • Flat Prestressed solid slabs
    • Flat non-Prestressed solid slabs
    • Ribbed Slabs
    • Polyslabs (Concretec’s system of voided slabs).
    • Plastbau slabs made of expanded polystyrene used as a permanent shutter

Prestressed Girders

    • Prestressed Concrete Beams
    • I-Beam Straight Section
    • I-Beam Sloping Section
    • Reinforced Long Span Girders (Rafters)

Precast Boundary Walls

    • Grey
    • Coloured

Precast Concrete Tanks

    • Water Tanks
    • Septic Tanks and Soakaways

Precast Concrete

    • Manholes
    • Trenches
    • DEWA Troughs